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Container Closure Integrity Testing

Tony Stauffer - CEO of CCIT & PTI

Tony Stauffer

CCIT s.a. Managing Director

“Delivering validatable CCI test methods that are reliable, sensitive and practical is PTI’s distinguished position and edge in the industry.”

About CCIT

Expertise in Test Method Development & Feasibility Studies

CCIT, PTI’s European Headquarters is in scenic St. Prex, Switzerland right on Lake Geneva. CCIT’s president, Tony Stauffer, is the founder and prior president of PTI USA headquarters and manufacturing facility based in Westchester, New York. PTI is a global leader in package inspection equipment, with a strong focus on non-destructive sensory technologies for package quality testing.

Opening the CCIT office in 2015 was a natural step, returning to Stauffer’s native Switzerland, continuing his mission in promoting PTI inspection solutions to the pharmaceutical, medical device, and food industries.

CCIT is a team of engineers, scientists and professionals serving the packaging industry. We provide hands-on support for PTI technologies throughout Europe and offer a complete in-house laboratory for demonstrations of PTI equipment. We specialize in conducting feasibility studies and test method development for all container closure integrity and package quality testing projects.

Please visit our office to learn about our CCI services and get acquainted with PTI’s technologies in person. Let’s meet to discuss the challenges you are facing and how we can help you achieve better control over your manufacturing processes. Our clients leave with more than just a test method or piece of equipment. We aim to educate and inform our clients as well as to develop the optimum solution for your specific application.

We look forward to welcoming you.

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