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Volumetric Imaging Technology


Volumetric Imaging Technology

Blister packaging is one of the most convenient packaging formats for tablets and capsules, shielding the product against environmental contaminants throughout its shelf-life. Blister packages are often composed of plastic or foil formed into cavities that house the tablets or capsules ensuring convenience in packaging along with easy patient use.

In today’s drug delivery systems where, certain drugs are extremely sensitive to moisture and oxygen, destructive package inspection methods like dye ingress fail to provide reliable results and make the method less effective at assuring quality.



One-touch Tool-less Blister Package Leak Testing

The OptiPac One-Touch Tool-less Leak Detection System is a deterministic non-destructive technology designed specifically for multi-cavity blister packs. OptiPac uses volumetric imaging technology to measure the blister cavities under vacuum with topographic imaging to detect leaks. The OptiPac applies controlled inputs and measured outputs without the hassle and reliability issues of the dye ingress method and is engineered with One-Touch Technology to achieve a rapid test cycle requiring no changeover or tools for different blister formats. Compared to other non-destructive blister package inspection systems that require complex parameter adjustments, OptiPac requires no tooling changeover with new blister package formats.

The OptiPac Blister Package Inspection System is specially designed for practical operation, sensitivity and reliability. OptiPac utilizes volumetric imaging technology: a deep algorithm with multi-imaging under vacuum. The operator selects a recipe for the blister package using the HMI touch screen and places the blister pack on the test plate in any orientation. After pressing the start button, vacuum is pulled to a defined vacuum. The blisters expand under vacuum, driving air out of the blister through any leaks present. If there is a leak in the blister, the air escapes into the chamber leaving a collapsed blister package. During the dynamic vacuum test sequence, a volumetric image and measurement reading is taken that determines which blister cavities are defective. A definitive pass/fail result is displayed as well as the quantitative measurement for each package tested.

Inspection Criteria

  • Leak detection and seal integrity testing of the entire package
  • Test sensitivity down to 5 microns

OptiPac’s insightful technology offers a suite of advanced functions:

  • Auto configuration for easy recipe setup and validation of new blister formats
  • Auto orientation of blister packs (test blister packs in any position –no specific orientation)
  • Auto calibration is an integrated one-touch function
  • Advanced batch reporting with audit trail including image of blister pack and defect results

OptiPac Benefits

  • Non-destructive technology - Pass/Fail results backed by quantitative test data
  • Completely tool-less
  • No changeover to test different blister formats
  • Identifies defective cavity
  • Pre-loaded recipe library with easy recipe setup and validation of new blister formats
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