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Food & Nutrition Package Inspection


Nutrition Packages

The food, supplement and nutritional markets are dynamic in their offerings, and package plays a very crucial role in delivering the product. While many products in this field are shelf-stable, this is often a function of package performance. Many nutritional products will degrade with exposure to oxygen, moisture, and bacteria. Fats may go rancid and nutrients can become inert. The package performance defines the quality of the product that reaches the consumer.


Nutritional Packaging Inspection Solutions

The experience provided by CCIT s.a. from decades of work in the packaging industry provides invaluable guidance on the optimal pathway for package, and product quality. CCIT is a leader in the field of infant nutrition applications, and the challenging requirements facing sensitive products. CCIT offers the only on-line seal inspection system for retort pouches. The array of technologies and solutions that CCIT can offer to the food, supplement and nutritional markets makes it the first stop for reliable inspection solutions.

Package configurations and product requirements vary greatly within the industry. Understanding the applications thoroughly and being aware of inspection pitfalls is critical to implementing the right solution. CCIT uses its experience to navigate the application requirements and identify dynamic ways in which one of PTI’s five sensory inspection technologies can be deployed to assure package quality.

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