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Test Method Development

Test Method Development for Container Closure Integrity Testing

PTI offers feasibility studies and Test method development for package quality testing that recommend test methods for client’s needs specific to a certain type of package or container. PTI provides complete package integrity test solutions by taking in the client’s problem statement and concluding it with a definitive path to package integrity assurance in the form of a detailed report. The report is prepared with the help of data sets gathered to support the recommendations made for package testing. The report will specify the technology solution, package integrity test solutions, test parameters, test result data, and acceptance criteria for the package.

The non-destructive deterministic inspection technologies bring clarity and actionable information to package testing requirements. The non-destructive nature of the inspection technology makes it possible to perform the testing without causing any damage to the product within the package. Non-destructive testing guarantees effective testing of the package without changing the nature of the product within or spoiling its usefulness. The chief goal of the non-destructive inspection technologies is to assure that a combination of appropriate technology and test method is applied to each product application to provide accurate, sensitive, and reliable data for decisive package integrity verification.



Container Closure Integrity Test Method Development

CCIT’s Test Method Development focuses on the package/product characteristics, and to what level the package characteristics need to be challenged to assure closure integrity. Test Method Development encompasses optimizing test parameter settings, such as level of vacuum or high voltage, test cycle times, as well as pass/fail criteria for a specific test method, and application is known good samples, as well as positive controls (samples with certified defect sizes), and in the case of vacuum decay technology, a micro-calibrator flowmeter are typically used. The comprehensive report will include specific test procedures and criteria, test results, and leak rates the client can expect to achieve, with conclusions and recommendations. In Test Method Development all the worked-out test methods go through validation checks to ensure that the method is reproducible, accurate, specific, precise, and suitable for its intended use before being included in the final report.

Package test method development involves the determination of the appropriate data of interest for testing and devising the most suitable test methods that are most accurate for package quality testing. The non-destructive inspection solutions CCIT has to offer through its technologies makes package testing in any respect, integrity, or quality very efficient.

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