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Packaging Industries


The pharmaceutical industry continues to drive innovation in the space for new drugs and drug delivery systems while facing the heightened scrutiny of regulators. The packaging and primary sterile barrier used in drug delivery systems protect the drug product through its life cycle to the point of use. The performance of the primary sterile barrier and the functional components are critical to patient safety. CCI determines the safety of the product at the time of use, and the selection of the appropriate CCI inspection method upholds the quality standards that pharmaceutical manufacturers stand by today. Test methods offered by CCIT s.a. are all non-destructive, quantitative test methods with a distinct focus on the reliability of the test result, and the ability to assure integrity at the highest level.

Medical Device

The medical device industry continues to innovate products for patient care. Medical devices have a broad range of package and delivery systems, from porous flexible packaging to non-porous rigid containers. CCIT s.a PTI is committed to the safety and sterility of medical devices delivered to the surgical environment. PTI’s airborne ultrasound is the only non-destructive physical inspection method to assure the quality of package seals on-line. The ASTM F-3004-13 Test Method was approved based on the PTI sponsored inter-laboratory research program and is one of the most effective methods for medical device package seal inspection.


The food, supplement and nutritional markets are dynamic in their offerings, and package plays a crucial role in delivering the product. While many products in this field are shelf-stable, this is often a function of package performance. Many nutritional products will degrade with exposure to oxygen, moisture, and bacteria. Fats may go rancid and nutrients can become inert. The package performance defines the quality of the product that reaches the consumer. The experience provided by CCIT s.a. from decades of work in the packaging industry provides invaluable guidance on the optimal pathway for package, and product quality. CCIT is a leader in the field of infant nutrition applications, and the challenging requirements facing sensitive products.

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