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Feasibility Studies


Feasibility Studies For Package Quality Testing

CCIT offers expertise for the application of the most optimal deterministic inspection technologies and test methods for the integrity of most packages.

An experimental or a more expanded feasibility study are the initial steps to evaluate and determine the best CCI technology and test method for a specific application. The objective of a feasibility study is to evaluate if a recommended CCI solution works and establish the optimal test parameters and Limit of Detection (LoD). The customer is given the tools to implement a deterministic, quantitative CCI solution according to USP 1207/ASTM/ISO standards, that will meet or exceed the current regulatory muster of agencies like the FDA.



As a PTI affiliate, CCIT’s mission is to provide customers with deterministic package integrity test solutions, and then support them in the implementation of complete CCI systems, as well as after-sales service and periodic certification required by regulatory agencies. This begins with a client’s problem statement and concludes with a definitive path to container closure integrity assurance. 

CCIT’s feasibility studies for container closure integrity and package quality leave clients with a clear report of a quantitative test method to confirm the recommended approach as it relates to a specific package format.  Known good test samples, as well as positive controls with defined defects, are used to establish the test method and to confirm the LoD.

Package Quality Testing
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