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Advanced Container Closure Integrity Testing

Package integrity, which assures product stability long after the product and package leave the warehouse and continues through the supply chain, is of crucial importance. Package integrity testing assures the package barriers are intact and will protect the product from environmental contamination or leakage for the shelf life of the product. Taking the right approach to establish package quality testing protocols and implementing the proper test method is no longer an option but is necessary to reduce patient or consumer risk by delivering high-quality, defect-free packaging.

A critical packaging failure that occurs on product destined for the market has a compounding impact. An asset quickly becomes a liability, hammering shareholder equity two-fold. Valuable engineering and operations resources are taken away from revenue-generating activities and put toward mitigating quality issues. A high level of package quality assurance, however, is aligned with patient needs and defends against costly quality deviations. Reliable and robust package testing solutions are often non-destructive and quantitative in nature, providing the right information when it is needed most.

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