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MicroCurrent HVLD Product Ranges

PTI’s MicroCurrent HVLD is known to conduct leak tests for a wide range of chemical characteristics and conductivities that the products may fall within. This is of paramount importance for the pharmaceutical industry, that every product is validated in some range of conductivity through development and deployment of test methods. For instance, 1 ml syringes produced by a pharma site is destined to be filled with numerous types products. When PTI’s MicroCurrent HVLD is used to create a test method for these 1ml syringes the system can develops a method on both high and low conductivity products. After the test method is developed and if the concerned parameters turn out to be global across the two conductivities, the created method is considered to successfully validate product formulations that fall anywhere within this range of conductivities. A time and resource saving way to develop and deploy test method for the pharmaceutical companies.

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