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Viscous Product No Match for New CCI Tech

MicroCurrent HVLD Might Ensure Better Container Closure Integrity for New Product Formulations By Oliver Stauffer, PTI, published in PDA Letter, July/August edition

New types of products and packaging formats like the highly viscous formulations can be detrimental to the traditional leak-testing methods, challenging the existing practices for container closure integrity testing (CCI). With the knowledge of this, a series of feasibility studies was conducted to question the effectiveness of traditional leak testing methods. Microcurrent High Voltage Leak Detection (HVLD) proved to be a significantly better testing method for highly viscous low conductivity products in a study that used real-world positive control methods to detect defects occurring in the manufacturing process. The studies proved that Microcurrent HVLD is capable of achieving a reliable leak detection limit even all the way down to critical leak sizes.

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