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Case Studies

MAP Meat Packaging and Meat Snack Products Case Study

More than ever before meat processors are relying on methods to extend the shelf-life of products, bringing shelf-life stability and package quality to the forefront of challenges. Meat based snack foods and pet products come in a variety of package formats, but all have one need in common, package integrity assurance for extended shelf-life.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) Tray Packs are a popular packaging method for fresh beef, pork & poultry products and many other processed meats. The MAP process greatly reduces spoilage and increases shelf-life, offering the consumer fresh products with attractive appearance. Once a MAP package is sealed, it’s critical to maintain the integrity of the seal to prevent leaks that would allow O2 or other environmental contaminants into the package.

Flexible packaging is the most popular format for meat-based snack foods and pet food products, particularly pre-made pouches and form-fill-seal pouches and bags. Flexible packaging serves as an ideal package presentation providing shelf stability and easy open convenience.

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