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Case Studies

Powdered Dairy Products/Infant Formula Package Testing

The standards of quality within the dehydrated dairy industry continue to become more critical, and end users are more sophisticated. Brand equity for both dehydrated dairy and infant formula manufacturers has global reach and implications. Manufacturers face higher standards, higher costs of manufacture, and there continues to be a significant gap between package testing requirements of dehydrated dairy packaging and the solutions that are available on the market today. PTI Inspection Systems has established a technology proven to reduce production waste and cost while improving quality assurance and defending brand equity.

Sensitivity of a test method is important for a variety of reasons, and most importantly serves to assure the quality of the product. Protein based powders are under modified atmosphere to prevent spoilage and to maintain the nutritional purpose of the product over the products shelf life. Oxygen and moisture ingress into the package will rapidly degrade the product prior to use, changing flavor, texture, and ultimately turning any valuable product into a liability.

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